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Redlynx live

Watch the weekly redlynx livestream with Itsjustbuck, Thatdardsteve and Bluebadger.

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The Super phone News

Upgrade week Developer update

Monday 24th of June

Friendly fight STATS

Big thanks to Jesusbot for creating the excel file below.

Winning Challenge modes gives the following rewards / 27-02-2019

South Park Phone Destroyer Challenge mode event reward - Wimpy NK challenge - 29-08-2018

South Park Phone destroyer Team wars announcement video - 16-01-2019

South Park Phone destroyer video announcement - Witch doctor token / 18-09-2018

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The weekly schedule and events

Patch : 3.3.0/177 681006_7

  • Monday: Weekend event ends, relax and watch your favorite episodes of South Park.
  • Tuesday: 24 Hour event starts.
  • Wednesday: 24 Hour event ends, Challenge starts.
  • Thursday: Challenge Continues.
  • Friday: Challenge ends, weekend event starts (& Developer Live-Stream).
  • Saturday & Sunday: Weekend event continues.

Heads up!
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Latest weekend event and rewards

SPPD has an event every weekend!

1) Card Events: Earn points from playing specific cards in your deck.
2) Token Events: Collect some sort of extra token item from Lockers and PvP Packs.

You can collect packs based on the points you’ve earned. Your team works together for a different set of packs! Double PvP Ticket or Coin weekends have also happened in the past.

South Park: Phone Destroyer™ | E3 2017 Official Reveal Trailer

What is SPPDStats? is your go-to website for any and all relevant information to the South Park: Phone Destroyer game.

The SPPD spreadsheet started to become so big that many players stopped using it as it caused lag on their computers. It was also very troublesome to view on mobile devices. I decided to spend some time creating a website that would be accessible to everyone in the community no matter which device was used!

Total cards

 (UPDATED 26-06-2019)


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