Sppdstats.com is the next step from the SPPD spreadsheet.

Since 06/19/2017 I’ve been playing South Park Phone Destroyer and just a few weeks later I started gathering information on the game. I noted every upgrade I did to my cards besides noting succesful lockers. Before long I wanted to figure if it was worth transforming pvp tickets into Cartman Coins. At some point I thought this information could be valuable to other players as well, so I shared it with my team. They gave me fantastic feedback and critics on how I could improve. Not long after, I shared everything to the entire South Park Phone Destroyer community through Discord, Reddit and the Ubisoft forums. The feedback was incredible and that is still what thrives me today. It is amazing that my spare time work has helped many players. This is really something I’m happy about and as long as players use the things I create, i’ll keep updating.

When I first released the spreadsheet I had between 80-100 viewers at any time of the day, this number has fallen to only 10-30 at any time of the day. However, I know players are just checking in now and then, so that is all good.