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How to block a charging Dwarf King Clyde

  1. Drop swarm units infront of target.
  2. You’ll need NK or a wall to help on blocking.

Example 1)
You’ll see that the Dwarf King Clyde tires to charge Stan the Great in this video but Dogpoo stands in the way. Clyde will have to run around Dogpoo and will then get blocked by a Princess Kenny and the NK.

Example 2)
You’ll see the Dwarf King Clyde tries charge Catapult Timmy but as a swarm unit is dropped in front of Timmy, Clyde cannot find a passage here. NK is helping too.

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How to trade assassin with assassin

  1. Drop assassin infront of the assassin you want to kill.
  2. If you drop too early they will kill eachother off.
  3. If you drop too late the enemy assassin will kill yours.
  4. Use Zap dmg to kill opponents assassin if they have
    more HP than your assassins attack.

Example 1)
This is how you supposed to execute the trick.

Note: This can be difficult and executing this with some
assassins might be harder than with others. Paladin Butters and Astronaut Butters for example are very slow.

How to deal with Mimsy, Big Gay Al and Officer Barbrady (00GamerChick00)

  1. Headhunters and brutes can be a pain to many people, so think before you panic.
  2. Do not drop multiple units at once, you’ll be a victim of a Fireball or a Poison.
  3. Use body blocking, watch the video linked below – Provided by 00GamerChick00
  4. Once you have control of the map again, it’s time to push, the enemy will likely be low on energy and you can rush the NK.
  5. You can use Unholy combustion, Transmogrify or Cock Magic.

How to deal with Cyborg Kenny

  1. Use swarm units!
  2. Try to time your units’ attacks so that the units on low HP gets the kill on Cyborg Kenny.
  3. Let your Zap do the last dmg to Cyborg Kenny
  4. In some cases you can ignore Cyborg Kenny and let your Zap deal with Cyborg Kenny, this will cost you some HP but you’ll be able to counter push with an advantage of 4 energy.
  5. You can wait until the zap range and drop a fighter at his back. One hit of your fighter and the zap kills Cyborg Kenny.

This is an outdated version of Cyborg Kenny.

How to deal with Dougie

  1. Have a Lightning Bolt ready
  2. Have an assassin ready if you do not have Lighting Bolt anymore. Drop assassin in Dougie’s path.
  3. If the enemy has Freezing Ray or Program Stan in the deck you should DEFINITELY safe your Lightning Bolt!
  4. Beware: Paladin Butters or Kyle of the Drow Elves can be a real threat if enemy combines those with a Dougie.
  5. Mind Controlling is always a worth a laugh and it’s a great counter!

Help Bounceeet by providing videos of how you deal with different cards! Please share it! πŸ™‚

No updated versions of dougies are available. If you have a videos of you dealing with a dougie, please share it!

What is worth using a lighting bolt on?

  1. Use Lightning bolt on threats that are tough to kill as they are backline and they can get lots of value if left alive.
  2. Stan of Many Moons, Mecha Timmy, Robo Bebe, Blood Elf Bebe, Pirate Ship Timmy, Captain Wendy, Terrance Mephesto and sometimes Cyborg Kenny.Β 
  3. With a lot of practice you can kill Rogue Token with Lightning Bolt. This can be done BEFORE he uses his warcry, however, you need to have Lightning Bolt drawn already.

Help Bounceeet by providing videos of how you deal with different cards! Please share it! πŸ™‚

If you have a videos of something that’s worth using lightning bolt on, please share it!