South Park Phone Destroyer stats dot com announcement blog post


What is

For some time I wanted to create more than just the spreadsheet for the community of South Park Phone Destoyer so I decided to work on this site. Here it is! The alternative to the spreadsheet. It’s faster to use and mobile friendly for every user!
Most of you visited the spreadsheet to check out cards stats and compare cards so I’ll be working on getting all the stats and card pictures implemented as soon as possible. This is a long learning process for me and will take some weeks, bear with me.


Logo and Favicon

As this is a new site and it’s for the community of South Park Phone Destroyer to make your game a bit easier, I would like to open up a small artist contest. Within a few weeks I’ll offer everyone who is creative to submit a Favicon that we can use for this website. If this contest is succesful we might even do it for the logo for website as well! I imagine that people will get to vote in a poll to crown the winning artpiece.

You might ask yourself what a “Favicon” is?
This is a Favicon:

Also, this contest might give the site some popularity πŸ˜‰

Current Favicon and Logo


Favicon:Site image SPPDSTATS


Potential weekly blog posts with How-to-use cards?

With this new website I may want to explore the option to create blog posts from week to week. Personally I wont have time for it every week and therefore I might at some point open up for visitors to create an account and post blogs on guides and other stuff. For now this is a test blog. Once I see how much trafic this site will get I’ll decide what the site will become.


Blogs could be about:

  1. How to use cards – General tip and tricks (each card or type like assassins could get its own post)
  2. Positioning and placement of cards on the battlefield
  3. Maybe Brawnbo could create a guide on how to level up your cards? πŸ˜‰
  4. Deck building
  5. Posts about updates, thoughts and conclusions?

Let me know what you guys want to see. Also, I haven’t forgotten about the survey you took your time to fill out on my South Park Phone Destroyer spreadsheet some months ago. Thanks for that. That is also one of the reasons I’ve decided to create a website instead of continuing with the spreadsheet. Click here to read more about why I decided to create a website rather than continuing updating the spreadsheet.

Thanks for visiting

You can always contact me by hitting the Contact button or on discord at Bounce#9640 if you have any suggestions to the site. Thanks for visiting! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “South Park Phone Destroyer stats dot com announcement blog post”

  1. Hey Bounc. Thanks for the many months of spreadsheet use, I’ll miss it. And… thanks for the new site, you’re really putting in the work;) well played!

    1. I’m glad you like it! Thanks for using the spreadsheet too! I’ll try to redirect the trafic from the spreadsheet to from now on.

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