Tier list provided by Simq and Yvraine - THANK you!

Tier list for LEgendary rank - Updated 10. November

*1: He would normally be tier 1, but he is tier 2 due to the current meta. Beefy epic/legendary fighters are meta, and cards like Randys, WDT, Medusa and tanks who are more popular again survive his ability. That coupled with the possibility of bad RNG and a hit on the enemy new Kid make him tier 2 to me.

*2: Provistional in tier 3. Nobody has him at level 3 so it is hard to judge him accurately but this is where I think he belongs.

*3: Even though he is an epic he is still not as good as other epics, mostly due to his effect still scaling very poorly.

*4: He is ranked lower than assassins like Smuggler/Princess/Paladin because the last balance change made him significantly weaker in straight up 1v1s with other assassins.

*5: He is here because he got triple nerfed with the last balance change while already being average at best. 1)Lower stats 2) less effetive effect due to higher NK health 3) indirect nerf due to other cards getting massive buffs.

*6: Tier 1 if used in combination with Pope Timmy. Would be Tier 2 without him due to hard removal cards (UC, Trans, CM).

*7: As of now still bugged. If his effect worked correctly according to his card text he would be Tier 3.

Tier list for Challenge mode and friendly fight

*1: He would be Tier 1 against SciFi decks, but Tier 3 against any other theme as his effect is useless against them so I put him Tier 2 overall.

*2: Only in combination with Energy Staff Tier 3. Otherwise Tier 4.

*3: As of now still bugged. If his effect worked correctly according to his card text he would be Tier 4.

Experiment below.... Nothing to see here. Move along sir.


This Tier List is made by comparing the cards and their stats for Legendary Levels (= max level 3 legendary, level 4 epic, level 5 rare and level 6 common). If your cards are higher/lower than those levels, the card could possibly theoretically jump one tier up/down. Example: Pirateship Timmy at legendary level (5) is considered Tier 3. If you have him at level 6 but your other cards are all at legendary levels, he would be considered Tier 2 on that list etc.


This tier list will be divided into a total of 7 tiers.

TIer explanations

tier 0: This is where Redlynx simply fucked up. Hard

tier 1: This tier is reserved for cards that consistently provide great value, are versatile, function very well in every deck and perform consistently well against every possible enemy deck and are generally considered must-have for your deck.

Tier 2: This tier is reserved for cards that are generally above average and work well in most decks.

Tier 3: This tier is reserved for cards that are slightly above average and usually used to fill up the remaining free spots in your deck.

tier 4: This tier is reserved for cards that are pretty average or situational in their usage, or combo cards that are not easy/consistent to pull off.

tIER 5: This tier is reserved for cards that are below average in overall strength and have no other redeeming qualities.


Tier 1:

Tier 2:

Tier 3:

arrowstorm and incan craig

Tier 4:

buccaneer bebe

Tier 5:


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